My Hollandia experience ....

My Hollandia Truffles experience ....

Let me start off by saying I was a fairly experienced tripper a few years back when shrooms weren't outlawed in my country but have probably had around 5 years sober time since.
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So I decided after some pretty traumatic and difficult times I could do with some self medicating and contrary to public opinion I believe psychedelics when used responsibly are an invaluable tool when it comes down to curing things like anxiety and issues with one's mental self, so I set off to find myself some Magic Mushroom to no avail..... obviously

However in my search I came across this "alternative" ...The Truffle

Now I did my research and found (worryingly) an even mixture of people saying its the best thing ever to an outright scam set out for those unfortunate brethren of the shroom eager for a trip....Worsened by an acquaintance telling me "they're definitely bulls%*t" .

Well I was now exceedingly skeptical but still willing to try it out IF and only if I could get them cheaply and without to much messing about...I found two sites good on price for me only one of the two offered the no messing around payment option (I wont send anyone cash in the mail) and that was Avalon...So onto the experience.

Firstly they arrived in pretty reasonable time (im in the UK) something like a week if memory serves.

Now after a lot of research dosages on reviews where all over the place and after my years of shrooms I decided to start with 7grams, as to my thinking that should be enough to see if they're really a scam or the real deal.

So next came the ingesting (eaten raw and washed down with a glass of water) I was pleasantly surprised at the taste! Much better than eating caps, a nutty flavor that wasn't too unpleasant at all.
And as soon as they were demolished I set about my old trip routine (setting out books pens pencils guitars cd's ) to keep me amused.
It only took approximately 30 mins for me to feel it coming on, I couldn't put my finger on what felt different at first but there was definitely something, So on goes a bit of prog metal (liquid tension for those who wanna know) to my surprise a near instant lift in mood and a warm feeling swelling up of genuine excitement.
So at this point I was quite happy,it seems there's something to truffles after all!

It only took around another 35-40 mins for the visuals to start kicking in and it was around that same time that I finally got thrown into proper "trip" mode...The only way I could describe this is by comparing it to cleaning your computer (ya know when you defrag it) my brain finally felt like it was beginning to work in a way that it used to and I was now eagerly prepared to let this trip do its thing and enjoy the ride.
So I spent an hour or so getting reacquainted with my guitar and drawing everything that popped into my head, Seriously everyone should have a crack at drawing at least when they trip (if you haven't already)..Its exceedingly good for the soul.

Well after a couple hours I got accustomed to the feelings I was having, maybe a little to comfortable as old memories had returned of trips gone by and I was sure I was good to push the experience a bit further....
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Now heres my advice for anyone who's tripping either for their first time or after a really long drought... don't do what I did and eat the other half of the pack (7 more grams)...And if you do at least do it early on because if you get tired on a strong trip (at least for me) things often don't end pretty.

I spent the next 2-3 hours having the time of my life and could just about handle the strength of the trip until.....I got tired, Now taking more so late was not a smart idea and also taking what I thought "old" me could handle was also not a bright judgement, I've had some hairy soul destroying/rebuilding/universe defining good and bad trips but this went beyond any shroom trip I'd ever had all those years ago....No matter how wacky over the top or bad a trip I'd had there's was always the tiniest bit of intellect or consciousness floating about even if just for a moment in what may feel like hours ...not this time, the only way to describe it was being brain dead...Scary stuff. BUT after what turned out to be only two hours I finally passed out and I'm smart enough to take nothing but good even from that horrendous experience.

So in short truffles (at least the Hollandia) are the real deal, Don't treat them like they're not and cheers to the Avalon forum for pointing me in the right direction to trip again

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