An unforgettable, unique and eye opening bonding experience.

I had heard great things about magic truffles from friends who had been to Amsterdam earlier in the year and seen at the start if the summer that they could be ordered online. As soon as I found the right website I didn’t hesitate to order 15g of Atlantis truffles and 15g of Hollandia truffles to try on separate occasions.
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After 5 days or so my sacred package arrived and I opened it with excitement. Other psychedelics I had tried in the past hadn’t quite met the grade so I couldn’t wait to try these funny little nuggets. Earlier in the week I had invited my friend, for the sake of this article shall be called T, round to experience them with me. He came over to mine in the afternoon and we had dinner with my parents, went outside and smoked a joint, waited for them to go to sleep and then finally, at around 11pm we split the Atlantis Truffles into 2 equal piles and ate them, 7.5g each. I had eaten mushrooms before which tasted really unpleasant, just like eating dirt really. Now whilst the truffles weren’t exactly delicious, they were a lot more bearable than the mushrooms, an initial nutty taste that turned a bit sour by the end.

After eating them we went for another joint and waited for the effects to kick in. Being high for the first phase was lovely, the high from the weed gradually began to give way to something more interesting, we became very giggly, everything was making us laugh(I think we were in a good state of mind as I was excited for a proper trip and T had never done psychedelics before so was excited too) and gradually as we began to allow our eyes to run the visuals started to come. My bedroom is a big barn so there is plenty of space to look around in and let your mind run, to aid this however we turned off the majority of the lighting. This was about an hour and a half in, exactly when I had been told that the effects would start to become strongest.

We both lay down on opposing sofas and gradually started to drift off into our own little worlds. I looked at the ceiling and let my eyes, and my mind relax ever more. My vision became kaleidoscopic with my eyes shut and when they were open colours (particularly on my striped curtains!) became much more vibrant and started to melt together, almost like everything was gently vibrating and moving. Eventually I had no desire to look around, the grin on face grew larger and larger as feelings of euphoria began to take over, it was a very, very clean and pleasurable feeling. My eyes now running almost uncontrollably now I could seldom tell whether they were closed or open, they would start open and then gradually drift shut without me realizing. Now even in the dark my eyes were creating ever-changing colours and patterns for me, which my mind was following and revelling in. It is very much a full body experience, as I felt very light with almost a slight floating feeling in my limbs. It is worth noting that these effects and feelings are not easily isolatable in your mind, it comes as a full package and is a very enjoyable state to be in.

After an hour or so of this just sitting and enjoying being in our own heads T made a very good point that he hadn’t been thinking about anything at all really, which I had realized too, we were both just very much in the moment. By this time it was around 3 in the morning, 4 hours had shot by since we first ate the truffles and we both still felt very nice. We decided to smoke another joint, a brilliant idea as weed tasted absolutely incredible in the state we were in!
What I found interesting too was that despite having been zoned out in silence, lost in our own headspace for the last hour, as soon as we began interacting with each other again the giggles returned almost immediately. Sitting outside in the dark was very nice too, the sky looked beautiful and everlasting and the shadows on the fence from the twilight made for some interesting viewing, the fresh air was lovely too.
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After the joint we came back inside, ate some food and chatted. The visual effects were still very much there, as we sat in what T dubbed ‘our little trip cave’ but much less overwhelming than they had been, it was much more difficult to get lost in the visuals by this time but lying down with eyes shut was still very pleasurable. By 5 in the morning the effects had all but worn off so we smoked one last joint and went to bed, I fell asleep easily and had a good sleep, woke up in the morning feeling very fresh!

Despite having tried psychedelics before this was my first real trip and it was an all round lovely experience. I will be experimenting with the Hollandia truffles next time with my girlfriend and I think we will be eating 15g each this time to become really immersed in the experience. I think next time I will try and do them in the day too, and try and be outside for as much of the time as possible, just to get a different perspective on it. My final word would just be to say that if anyone has access to try magic truffles then they should 100% try it. Trips have a lot of stigma surrounding them but the reality is so different, T told me that tripping was nothing like what he expected but he loved it. Especially with truffles, the experience is so easily controllable. Try them with a friend, sit back and prepare for an unforgettable, unique and eye opening bonding experience.

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