Different Aspect of Reality

I was the only one of my friends who took it Friday night I was eating Atlantis Magic Truffles. I took about 13g, which turned out to be JUST enough.Buy Atlantis Truffles

I was taking it in my college room, being with two of my friends Jake and Garry that were there to take care of me to make sure nothing bad happened.

I’ve been looking forward to take truffles for a really long time, I’ve read a lot about it and peoples experiences with it, so I was really excited for the trip. I made sure I didn’t eat for about 3 hours, so that it had full effect.
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Alright, about the experience.

Right after I ate it around 9 pm I was really excited, I was so excited that my body was shaking. Not because of being nervous, just really excited. I made sure I was in a good environment, so I made a music playlist with “feel good” songs, or just music that would sound really dope through the trip. I was just lying in my bed talking with Jake about what I could feel.

In the first hour I didn’t feel any euphoric feeling, and I thought that it was because I ate too recently.

But 10 minutes after I could feel the feelings. The music sounded really clear and loud even though it wasn’t loud, and Jakes voice sounded like it was talking directly into my ear. I didn’t see things differently, like visually nothing really changed, but perceiving a different aspect of reality was an amazingly euphoric feeling. Things I saw didn’t visually change, but the way I perceived things changed and how I felt about things visually. In some way I was disappointed that I didn’t see new things, like a chicken with a mans head, but I figured out it was how you perceived reality changed drastically, and I was perfectly fine with that. Of course I thought of visual changes, and the thoughts seemed more real as I thought of them, but still, nothing visually changed.

I didn’t have a stable balance in my body the first 2-3 hours, and I was pinching myself all the time because it felt different. I was comparing the feelings in my body to something else doing it to me. Like, biting my arm felt like it was just a piece of meat, pulling my hair upwards felt like I was lifting myself, talking to myself In the mirror was like talking to the normal sober me, my e-cig felt like something I had to bite on, my bucket hat felt like something that could cover my whole body when I pulled it down, my mouth felt a lot bigger, the floor was going upward towards me.

Anyways, I was laughing my ass off the time I was with my friends, because they sounded so fucking funny to me. They were 3-4 meters away and it still sounded like they were whispering right in my ear. Jake’s face was changing all the time, and he looked like one of my other friends identically. It was crazy.

They decided to leave me alone for a while, because it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. I thought I would be terrified when I turned the lights off, but it was just another experience, cause it felt like things changed visually when it was darker.
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The only remarkable visual changes was things that had patterns. Like the floor would move in different patterns.

I sat in front of my computer for 1 hour, and It felt like 3. I was recording myself, and I re watched it while I was getting sober.
In the video I was just making sounds and acting all crazy. I was screaming at some points, I called my friend and she was really worried, I was staring into trippy pictures for around 10 minutes, I was still pinching myself and so on.
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I prepared some paper to draw on while I was tripping, and it was crazy. It felt like I could hear the words I was writing, and I could see words being written on the paper, so I had to draw what I thought I saw. I felt like the sounds I could hear could be written.
And then it started to wear off. I wasn’t acting all crazy, but I could still feel the euphoric feeling. The good part of the trip lasted around 3-4 hours. I definitely have a lot more to write, but all this just came from the top of my head. I hope I shared a good story, I will definitely recommend Atlantis Magic Truffles, it was amazing.
But I can conclude that your experience will be different depending on what person you are, and you truly see the world through a different perspective after tripping.

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